Zachary Smith was born December 25,1978 in Milledgeville Georgia. He is originally from Milledgeville, GA where he spent his early childhood. He went on to pursue an Art Degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta.
In 2017 he founded Smith Enterprises a company that teaches, trains, and developes individuals to achieve their greatest potential.
Self development is crutial in the continual development of society from children to adults.
His company's mission is to develop an individual's knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom and the development of wisdom is the foundation of Smith Enterprises. Teaching and training our youth by creating an  environment that facilitates and nurtures creativity.
He is an author, mentor, and self improvement coach. Visit www.zachsmith.org to begin your self improvement journey.
Smith Enterprises L.L.C.

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Lincolnton, GA 30817 zachsmith.com.com  |  Tel: 706-816-5755

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